Offering educational opportunities for healthcare providers

Offering educational opportunities for healthcare providers

Offering educational opportunities for healthcare providers Offering educational opportunities for healthcare providers

Course Description

BabyLase CARE: OnLine


Comprehensive.  Assessment.  Restriction. Elimination.

Not all restrictions are skin deep and visible to the untrained observer.  BabyLase CARE is an adventure into the neurologic and functional aspects of functional restrictions that can be overcome with the help of BabyLase. 

In a world where it is impossible to gather for hands-on courses during the COVID-19 crisis, we want to ensure that our practitioners can begin their BabyLase journey.  This course is a pre-requisite to the hands-on BabyLase course to be offered as soon as it is safe for us to travel and gather. 


First steps

More than just a is the first step in a journey toward a paradigm shift.

Opportunity is often found in the middle of a dilemma 

Despite the obvious obstacle of our inability to deliver a hands-on course in this difficult time in our history, we are dedicated to instructing our providers at the highest possible level of understanding of this complex, yet powerful technique.

By offering pre-course videos, handouts, references and resources, the course participants can gain a deeper understanding of the principles and foundational concepts of BabyLase before the actual course is offered. 

Our deep desire is to help our participants to understand the BabyLase is a comprehensive approach to care and not a simple setting on a laser and a treatment of the structure of the tongue. 

 It is absolutely critical for providers to understand that BabyLase CARE OnLIne is the first step in the journey to becoming a provider that can change lives through BabyLase.  

This journey continues with providing OraLase/SmileLase on children and adults prior to implementing this procedure on non-verbal and vulnerable infants.  It is equally critical to understand that BabyLase CARE OnLine is a pre-requisite to the BabyLase HOME course to be offered at a later date. 

By utilizing our online educational platform, we can deliver the course material and provide the support that our participants need to have the best possible learning experience in the absence of a hands-on course.  We ask our participants to dedicate themselves to diligent and considerate application of the techniques and principles learned in the BabyLase Online course to maximize the benefit of the advanced hands-on courses when they become available.

**Continued education credit  for this course will be offered contingent upon renewal of the AGD PACE status of the ALF InterFACE Academy's application


Course Information

BabyLase CARE Online

We strongly feel that we needed to offer a course at this time to address some immediate needs for several of our ALF and OraLase families during this time of global crisis.  Despite our resistance to teaching a course that has previously been offered exclusively as a hands-on course, we have a lot of passion for developing the resources that can support our interdisciplinary healthcare community.  

We wanted to make you aware that we are in the midst of the planning for courses that can involve larger groups of different practitioner categories.  The future hands-on courses will be much more interactive than time and technology will allow for this online course.

The BabyLase CARE Course is limited to the first 25 practitioners who register. 

Thursday April 30:

Module 1:  5-6 pm Eastern/4 Central/2 Pacific

Module 2: 7-8 pm Eastern/6 Central/4 Pacific

Module 3: 9-10 pm Eastern/8 Central/6 Pacific

Friday May 1:

Module 4: 5-6 pm Eastern/4 Central/2 Pacific

Module 5: 7-8 pm Eastern/6 Central/4 Pacific (course time may be extended to ensure that all participant questions are answered)

Obstacles and Opportunities


From experience, we know that it is impossible to fully comprehend the power of these techniques without experiencing them, but it is important to start with the extensive science and principles, since they will profoundly impact your practice.

This course will be given in five sessions.  Each session will consist of a 45 minute presentation followed by a 15 minute live discussion with the course participants.  Between each session, there will be an hour to allow participants to digest the information, submit questions via email for Dr. Tenholder to coordinate and for Nicole and Dr. Nordstrom to assist with answering questions and supporting our participants.  The first part of each session will be to review the questions submitted from the course participants. 

Instructions for Registration

All participants will become registered users through our Digital Chalk online educational platform once they have contacted us for personalized registration at Jamie@TheSynergy.Academy.

Please specify the exact email address that you wish to use for the course as well as your first and last names, office address and phone number for your CE certificate .  If you are an AGD member, please include your membership number.  This will allow us to set up your account in the Digital Chalk platform and help with your CE submission.  Once these steps are completed, you will receive an email with instructions on how to access the BabyLase CARE OnLine course.

By registering for the course, you will have instant access to the many documents and videos that have been shared on the course offering to support your learning experience.  You will also have access to the recordings for this event once they are posted to the course for 2 weeks.

Site Content


Session 1: BabyLase Genesis


 “And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.”  

Introduction to the concepts and constructs of the beginnings of the light therapy known as OraLase and the beginnings of human life.   Discussion of laser physiology and early human development.

Session 2: The Next Chapter

"And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good."

Discussion of infant development in the context of neurological , physical and reflexive milestones that influence movement and feeding. 

Session 3: The "A & P "of "F & R"

Digging into the anatomy and physiology of feeding and regulation

Session 4: Mighty Oaks From Little ACORNS Grow

Introduction to the ACORN assessment. 

Discussion of deal breakers/red lights and real opportunities/green lights and everything in between. 

Session 5: Know Before You Go

Clinical implications and supportive care for the treatment teams.  Communication tools and home-care exercises to supplement and optimize the effects of therapy. 

Coming soon...


BabyLase HOME - Part 2

Hands On Methods of Engagement

We did not learn to be doctors and therapists by sitting in a classroom.  We learned through clinical experience that no two patients are alike and that our skills will be refined through those experiences.

Registration not available at this time.


Bringing it HOME to our offices and our patients

This course is provided in a clinical setting with live patient demonstrations. This hands-on course enables the participants in gaining the real-world experiential opportunity to immediately implement BabyLase in their offices.


Working as a TEAM

Interdisciplinary communication and collaboration are an essential part of effective BabyLase therapy. Participants will learn about the resources and tools that can be used to enhance the patient care experience. 

The Synergy Academy

Current Course Offerings

BabyLase CARE


BabyLase CARE OnLine

Course includes:

  • Complimentary access to pre-course videos recorded during the OraLase ER OnLine course.  This is required viewing prior to the BabyLase CARE course . OraLase principles are at the foundation of BabyLase.  By familiarizing participants with OraLase concepts prior to the BabyLase CARE presentation, participants will have an enhanced ability to apply the OraLase/SmileLase principles to infants and babies. 
  • 5 plus hours of live interactive instruction by The Synergy Academy faculty including Dr. Darick Nordstrom (creator of OraLase) as well as the co-creators of BabyLase, Dr. Angie Tenholder and Nicole Edwin MS-SLP, CCC. 
  • The small course size allows participants to have access to instructors for questions and answers as well as advice and feedback. 
  • 6 Hours of AGD PACE approved continuing education.


Alumni Loyalty Discounts

We are proud to support our course alumni and look forward to you joining us again.

For those who have previously attended:

  • OraLase (2 day course) or Online - your tuition is only $175
  • a BabyLase course, your tuition is at the greatly reduced rate of $50.

Alumni seats are limited to the first 5 alumni that register

Personalized registration available by emailing Jamie@TheSynergy.Academy


OraLase OnLine - Recorded Course Access: Doctor

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card


  • 48 hour access to recorded presentation 
  • Course handouts, documents and videos 


OraLase OnLine-Recorded Course Access: Supportive Therapist

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card


  • 48 hour access to recorded presentation 
  • Course handouts, documents and videos

Course offerings


BabyLase HOME


Cutting edge, without the cutting

Conservative, cautious, considerate, reversible and non-invasive.

By respecting the anatomy and physiology as well as honoring the principles of natural function, providers are able to assist their patients in maximizing function before, during and after a surgical release if deemed necessary.

BabyLase is the application of SmileLase/OraLase Therapy patients from the ages of 0-2.


1 or 2 day mentorship opportunities currently available through Dr. Tenholder and Nicole Edwin at their office in the St. Louis metropolitan area. 


SmileLase/OraLase Therapy


SmileLase and OraLase Therapy are laser assisted procedures developed with the objective of reducing pain and dysfunction of the head and neck for patients 6 and older.

It was developed with the goal of decreasing pain while improving the quality of life for patients while simplifying treatment plans for the dental teams caring for the complex patient.

SmileLase and OraLase Therapies are delivered with FDA approved technology and have been utilized for years without any known adverse effects.

It delivers a very specific form of high level laser light through a specially designed handpiece.  SmileLase/OraLase Therapy does not involve physical touch with the patient, yet delivers a medical grade dose of healing energy through a thin fiber that transmits the light from the laser to the patient. 


ALF Therapy

 The Advanced Light Force (ALF) dental appliance was developed by Dr. Darick Nordstrom as he asked a simple yet profound question:  Why do some orthodontic techniques create a synergy with the body and others create obstacles to health and function?  As a result, he developed the ALF dental appliance with the goal of improving the overall health, beauty and function for the patient while providing a simple, effective and easy to wear oral device.  


Trademark legalities

OraLase and SmileLase: What's the difference?

The answer is nothing....except for a few letters.

The Synergy Academy, Inc has filed a trademark application for OraLase.  This application has been rejected based on similarity to a competing company who will own the trademark for the term Orolase.

Legal counsel has advised our organization that continuing to use and advertise the word OraLase will likely result in penalties/fines and legal action against anyone using the term OraLase, including and especially our organization.

As a result and to avoid legal action against our organization and practitioners, The Synergy Academy, Inc will be hosting the website and advertising the courses to teach the technique originally developed as OraLase as the technique now known as SmileLase. 

The trademark application for SmileLase is well underway and is not expected to encounter any resistance to its approval.