Darick Nordstrom, DDS


Creator of the OraLase Therapy and ALF Therapy,  Dr. Nordstrom has devoted his career to developing resources for clinicians to provide patient care at levels the continue to advance the  fields of dentistry and medicine. 

His innovation and creativity has  paved pathways for  advances in dental sleep medicine and integrative health care.

He currently serves as the intellectual property holder of ALF Therapy and thought leader for the ALF InterFACE Academy.



B.S. Brigham Young University 1975

D.D.S. University of Southern California 1979

O.K.U. Dental Honor Society (Zeta Capter), Co-most-awarded graduate


American Academy of Gnathologic Orthopedics (AAGO) Dec 1988, June 1999, Feb 2008, June 2014 

American Orthodontic Society (AOS) 1999

American Association for Functional Orthodontics (AAFO) May 1988, Jan 1990, Sept 1993, Nov 1996


1984, 1998, 2006 - Keynote Speaker (AAGO)

1999 AOS Foundation Speaker

1997 AAFO Annual Conference

2008 - Cranial Academy - Indiana

2011 AAO Convo Denver

2012, 2016  Cranial Academy Interface, CA

Cranial Academy  - Virginia

2000 London, UK (OOO)

IAO Polska  (Warsaw Poland)

Birmingham, UK  (OOO)

2009 - Vancouver, BC (AACP)

2013 - Whistler, BC

Haifa, Israel 2013

Budapest, Hungary 2014

Course Director/Instructor

1980-81 Gnathologic Orthopedics for the General Practitioner

1982–5 Renaissance in Resin Restoratives

1996-2001, 2012, 2014-2017  ALF Seminars (Foundation for Advanced Craniofacial Esthetic Studies FACES)

2016-2019 ALF InterFACE Annual Conference

2018 Oslo, Norway -  ALF Principles and Procedures


Pioneered developing cranially-compatible dental orthopedic appliances:  ALF series, OMNi, Stealth, NLA, A-a, with associated discoveries of neuro-reflexive pathways.

Introduced the practice of Osteopathic/Dental synergy, in problem-solving complex cases (now known as Interface)

Pioneer in Dental Sleep medicine (1978 to present), with development of the unique buccal-wing, neuro-reflexive appliance designs (which have been copied into most current sleep appliance designs: SomnoDent, MicrO2, Dorsal, etc.), and promotion of a comprehensive, multifactorial integrative approach.

Osteopathic Experience:

40 Hour course, Trainer in CA and other osteopathic sponsored courses

Weekly co-treatment with Osteopaths beginning in 1982

Professional Associations

Cranial Academy, AAGO, ADA, AAMS, OKU, IAO